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A good time of day! I want to introduce you to the excellent CS: GO cheat injector, which I use myself. Extreme Injector v3.3 fully meets all the requirements of the cheater and is designed to inject DLL files. In operation, this injector is very simple and does not require any special knowledge. The author of the injector is master131.

So, let’s first tell you what exactly an injector is and why cheaters use it in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Most cheats are created with the extension .dll and not .exe, and for the safe use of the DLL file, you need to inject it, or as they call it, embed the cheat in the game process.

If you consider yourself a professional cheater, then we recommend downloading Extreme Injector. This is a powerful solution that can crack almost any client game.

Extreme Injector 1


Injector Features:

The Extreme Injector action is based on injecting third-party libraries into the game executable file. After that, they will begin to act in the game, as if they are part of it. And already in them, endless lives, a lot of money, a wolf and other opportunities that give the player an advantage can be signed.

Extreme Injector Cheats Injector
At the same time, security systems are bypassed, which allows you to go unnoticed and avoid bans. There are also additional tools that enhance protection against detection.

Extreme Injector 2

OS: Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP
Type: dll injector
Release Date: 2018
Developer: mpgh.net
Platform: PC
Publication Type: final
Version: 3.7.3
Interface language: English (ENG)
Medication: not required
Size: 1.3 Mb

– Listing of processes;
– Support 32, 64 household systems;
– Injecting several dlls into one process (Using multiple cheats);
– Several ways Injector;
And other Extreme Injector features that you will learn about after using the program.




FAQ – Setup and usage


  1. Download the archive with our launcher
  2. Launch Launcher.exe
  3. Register, get a free key
  4. Select the desired cheat or injector
  5. Download the injector itself
  6. Run the program, and after that – the game itself
  7. In the program window, click select and select a process that matches the game
  8. Press add dll and select the cheat file
  9. Click inject and a window with information about successful implementation should appear
  10. Start playing with cheats.

The choice of the game process for injection in Extreme Injector
Extreme Injector can work in simple mode, which is suitable for beginners. In it, you simply select the process and dll file that will be implemented. For advanced users, an advanced mode is suitable for fine-tuning all actions. In this case, you will have many options available to control all processes.




14 Mb 56867 downloads
Extreme Injector 3
Alex Rosherhttps://game-hack.biz/
Researcher of public assemblers and scripts, I will tell you which readers can be used and which are not.

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